VFW POST 1111           

411 South Indiana Street
Mooresville, Indiana 46158

Auxiliary Officers

President:                     Susie Kinnard

Sr. Vice President:         Juli Fennell

Jr. Vice President:         Brandi Miller  

Treasurer:                    Becky McGlauchlen

Secretary:                     Julie John

Chaplain:                     Carol Mcaster

Conductor:                  Tammy Snell          

Guard:                         Delores Ansberry

Patriotic Ins:                Johnny May

Historian:                    Juli Fennell

Trustees:                     CK Sortore

                                   Sue Hahn

                                   JoAnn Fuchs

VFW Riders

President:                 Kevin Kenney

Vice President          Tammy Snell

Secretary                  Brenda Wade

Sgt of Arms              Johnny May

Treasurer                 Todd Gonterman

Chaplain                  Wilma Lee

Road Capt.               Greg John

Post Officers

Commander:                   Todd Gonterman

Sr. Vice Commander:       Mike White

Jr. Vice Commander:        Daniel Gerholdt

Quartermaster:                Jim Hurst

Adjutant:                         Vic Hasstedt

Chaplin:                          Gary Pryor

Surgeon:                          Bob Stine

Judge Advocate:               Jim Hurst

Service Officer:                Gary Pryor

Officer of the Day:           Vacant

Trustees 3rd Year:           Vic Mitchell

Trustees 2nd Year:          Lynn Herald    

Trustees 1st Year:           Jerry Backus

House Committee

3rd year:                          Greg John

2nd Year:                         Steve Ross

1st Year:                          Daniel Gerholdt